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New Patient Intake Forms

These must be returned complete prior to scheduling (email preferred). Please fill out the New Patient Intake with MS Word if possible or save as a .docx file.  Patients are also  encouraged to have relevant past medical records (labs, etc.) emailed/faxed to Dr. Morris. Mailing or hand carrying in copies of these records can also be done.

NP Intake Page 1

Appointments (In-person, Video-Call, Phone, Email)

New Patients
Standard New Patient Consultation (90-120 minutes): $270-360
Brief Introductory Consultation (<20-minutes): $60
(this is more of a meet & greet, and does not usually get to specific treatment)

Follow-Up Consultations
Brief Follow-Up Consultation (<30 minutes): $120
Standard Follow-Up Consultation (30-60 minutes): $180
Extended Consultations ($45/15-minute increments)

Lab Order (outside of appointments): $30
Prescription Refill (outside of appointments): $30


Payment is appreciated at each appointment. Dr. Morris does not bill health insurance. Patients who want to use “out of network benefitsshould call their insurance providers to check their coverage information ahead of time. Dr. Morris can prepare an a ” super-bill” invoice with the ICD-10 and CPT codes for you during your visit time.  FSA and HSA accounts (Flexible Spending & Health Savings Accounts) can generally be used to pay for office visits, supplements, and laboratory studies.

The Office

Please note: this is not a hospital-like setting. Dr. Morris currently consults with patients from a humble home-based office in NW Seattle (Ballard). Dr. Morris is the unofficial “emotional support animal” to a very sweet and calm German Shepherd (Jerry) who has moderate separation anxiety and would like to sit quietly in the consultation room–not required. Chickens can he heard clucking in the backyard, and free cat-scans are available from Tommy the Tabby. A powerful air filter can be set up on request for patients with pet allergies. The living room doubles as the waiting room, but Dr. Morris typically has a 15-30 minute break between patients.  You may well find T.R. working in his front yard garden while he waits for your arrival.

Contact Dr. Morris

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