A Functional Approach to Thyroid Health

Optimal thyroid hormone production is one of the most important factors to whole body health. In response to TSH signals from the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland produces the vital T4 and T3 hormones that set the basic metabolic rate for every cell in the body. This includes brain, heart, lung, bone, muscles, your immune system, digestion, liver and kidney function and everything else.

Sub-optimal thyroid function can cause a wide range of chronic or debilitating symptoms including: fatigue, depression, weight gain, brain fog, cold intolerance, hair loss, constipation, low bone density, and poor immune function.

With a system this important, you might think that conventional medicine would be completely up to date on how to keep track of this vital hormone. However, if you thought that conventional medicine had this well in hand, you’d be completely wrong.

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Chronic Inflammation: The Fire Behind the Modern Epidemics


Inflamare: To set on fire.

We are all familiar with classic signs of inflammation include: Heat, Redness, Pain, Swelling, Loss of function. While most of us associate inflammation with pain, acute, short-term inflammation is a normal and necessary part of the body’s response to injury or infection. Chronic low-grade inflammation is another, far more problematic, matter that underlies nearly all of the modern epidemics.

Inflammation occurs with everything from a flea bites, rashes, bruises and minor infections to serious heart attacks, autoimmune diseases and cancers. Less commonly known is that low-grade, chronic inflammation contributes to not just general aches and pains, but also cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmunity, low testosterone, cognitive decline, depression, Parkinsons, Altzheimers.


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