Affordable Lab Tests

Functional Medicine Checkup with Labs ($250)

If you have minimal health insurance or none at all, you may have avoided getting checkups to avoid break the bank. There’s reason for concern. Without insurance, the 10 tests I routinely order for adults would cost over $1200.

The good news? With special access to direct laboratory pricing, these 10 tests are available to new patients for just $150—when paired with a brief 30-minute consult for an additional $100.
(Prices in the video are from 2018  and have been updated.)

Here are the 10 tests:

  1. CBC w/differential (Complete Blood Count)
  2. CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, inc. blood sugar)
  3. Lipids (Total, LDL, HDL Triglycerides)
  4. Thyroid function (TSH)
  5. Urinalysis (routine, dipstick)
  6. Hs-CRP (C-Reactive protein)
  7. Homocysteine
  8. Magnesium (RBC)
  9. Vitamin D (25-OH-D3)
  10. DHEA-S (Dihydroxyepiandosterone-sulfate)

To Get Started:

  1. Download the New Patient Intake
  2. Locate an accessible LabCorp  service center
  3. Email this information to Dr Morris:
  4. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Morris
  5. Have your labs drawn

Your 2021 only costs are $100 for the consultation and $150 for the lab testing. Dr. Morris will send your lab results directly to you along with an indication if anything suggests the need for follow up. Additional consultations are available at the rates found on the Appointments tab.

88% off regular  LAB pricing

(Less than a 20% insurance copay)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Morris.