Intake Forms

Your initial consultation can be scheduled after your intake forms have been returned complete. If possible, please fill out the forms using MS Word. You can also fill them out by hand and scan or mail them. It’s very helpful to our process if you are thorough and detailed. Please also forward your relevant past medical records (labs, etc.) or request that your past provider(s) forward them.

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Standard Consultations (new & returning patients): $180/hour
Extended Consultations ($30/10-minute increments)
Introductory and Brief Consultations (30-minutes): $100
New patient consultations typically range from 60-150 minutes depending on the complexity of your case and how complete the intake forms are. 

Lab Orders: $30
Prescription Refills: $30


Payment is due at each appointment. Mailed checks, PayPal, Venmo are all accepted.


Invoices can be prepared during consult time for patients hoping to seek reimbursement from out-of-network benefits.  As out-of-network benefits are highly variable, it is the patient’s responsibility to check with their insurance providers. FSA and HSA accounts (Flexible Spending & Health Savings Accounts) can be used to pay for office visits and lab tests.

The Office

Dr. Morris currently consults with clients through video consults.

Once Covid19 has cleared, in-person visits may resume from a home-based office in NW Seattle (Ballard). Dr. Morris is the unofficial “emotional support animal” to a sweet German Shepherd (Jerry) who has separation anxiety and would like to sit quietly in the consultation room. Free cat-scans are available from Tommy the Tabby and Mila the Siamese. Animal presence is not required, and a powerful air filter can be set up on request for patients with pet allergies.

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