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Lab tests can be expensive. Without insurance, the ten tests I routinely order for adults to monitor and ensure optimal health would cost $1237. With special access to direct laboratory pricing, these tests are available through me for just $150. That’s 88% off, and less than a 20% insurance copay.

Through 2017, new patients can also receive a 20-minute introductory consultation for $50 where health goals, current concerns, medication and supplement lists, lifestyle factors, and past diagnostic testing can be reviewed from anywhere in the world. Please visit for more details.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL SLIDESHOW: Affordable Lab Tests & Functional ConsultationThere are four pillars of good healthcare:
I.   Regular physical exams
II. Discussing current concerns
III.Routine & Concern Specific Lab Tests
IV. Personalized recommendations to address the obstacles to optimal health

I’d like to focus this post on the third pillar, laboratory testing. There are five tests that conventional doctors will routinely order on adult patients: CBC w/differential (Complete Blood Count), CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, includes blood sugar), Lipids (Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL Triglycerides), Thyroid function (TSH), Urinalysis (dipstick)

As a Naturopathic Doctor and certified Functional Medicine practitioner, I would routinely add another five tests for most adults: Hs-CRP (C-Reactive protein) to monitor inflammation, Homocysteine to asses methylation and cardiovascular risk, Magnesium (from RBC) because half of the population is deficient,  Vitamin D (25-OH-D) which is chronically low in most people, and DHEA (Di-Hydroxy Epi-Andosterone) an androgenic precursor to testosterone and estrogen production.


Without insurance, the cost of these 10 tests would be $1237. With special access to pricing directly from the lab, all ten tests cost just $150. That’s 88% off and less than a 20% copay. The lab testing is available to anyone in the USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico who can get to a Quest Diagnostics service center.


Through 2017, I am also offering a Functional Medicine Check-up where your health goals, current concerns, medication and supplement lists, lifestyle factors, and past diagnostic testing can be reviewed. This consultation can be done anywhere in the world through a video call for the special price of $50 when paired with the lab testing.

To get Started:

  1. Download the New Patient Intake & Informed Consent, and fill it out in MS Word
  2. Gather relevant past lab work and other medical records
  3. Locate an accessible Quest Diagnostics service center
  4. Email this information to Dr Morris:
  5. Schedule an initial 20-minute consultation with Dr. Morris
  6. Cost is $50 for the consultation, and $150 for the labs when purchased together
  7. You will receive your lab results along with an indication if anything suggests the need for a follow up.
  8. Additional consultations are available at the rates found on the SERVICES tab.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Morris at

May we all be well!

Author: trmorrisnd

Naturopathic Medical Doctor and IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner) serving patients in Seattle, WA and wordwide through remote consultations

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